Precision Cleaning

Precision Cleaning

Crown Industrial Services Precision Cleaning can wash, apply rust inhibitor, or deburr your parts prior to assembly. Our Production team is highly skilled and experienced - you can rest easy knowing your work is in Crown’s hands. Crown has the facilities, the workforce, and the leadership to accomplish your production tasks. You tell us what we need to do, and our people will make sure your ideas become profitable reality.

Part Cleaning

You have enough to worry about. To produce your parts there are many tasks that can only be done by you and your people. Take one major task off your list and give it to Crown, the folks with more experience in part washing than any other company in the world.

Crown will use our staffs 30 years of experience in building custom part cleaning machines to develop a process with you. Crown will then put the equipment and people in place to wash, check, pack, and ship parts within a turn around time frame that is right for you. Simply make your parts and send them to us.

Let Crown focus on washing your parts, then you can focus on producing your parts.


Make sure your parts are going to be accepted prior to delivery to your customer. When you use Crown to machine, assemble, deburr or wash your parts you can be sure they will pass the most stringent inspections of your customers because they will not leave our dock until they have passed ours. Does your process require single point, double point, triple point 100% inspection? Whatever your customer demands, Crown can provide it.

Crown is also capable of part sorting, non-compliance identification and whatever else is necessary to accommodate your production requirements. Let Crown assemble and supervise the workforce to inspect each of your parts prior to your just in time delivery.


Crown will de-rust your parts and send them directly on to your customer. Simply pack your parts and ship them to Crown. We will handle the rest.

Crown Industrial Services, Inc. will:
  • Provide the equipment to remove rust from your parts
  • Provide the chemistry to facilitate that rust removal
  • Perform the maintenance required to keep process parameters consistent
  • Handle the wastewater generated during the process
  • Inspect the parts to assure rust removal and cleanliness levels have been reached
  • Pack and ship parts

You have enough to keep you busy making your parts. Let Crown remove the rust and ship to your customer the perfect part you have created.

Vapor Degreasing

Aqueous cleaning systems sometimes are not enough to get the oil from your production parts.

If you stamp, machine, grind, assemble, or in some other way manufacture production parts and cannot get your parts clean enough with alkaline soap and hot water, you finally have an alternative that is safe, effective, economical, and legal.

Advantages of a non-aqueous cleaning:

  • Low surface tension (typically 25-30 dynes/cm compared with 72 for water) meaning that liquid can enter (and exit) complex geometric parts features such as fine threads and blind holes flushing out contamination.
  • Non aqueous solutions can accommodate a wide range of contaminants whereas aqueous detergents are usually “soil specific” and a variety of chemicals may be required to be effective in many manufacturing processes.
  • The separate distillation within a hermetically sealed solvent system ensures that both clean solvent and pure vapor are available for each cycle, therefore maintaining consistent results. You always have a fresh bath to wash in.
  • The volatility of organic solvents ensures that drying of parts is both rapid and thorough. Just compare the latent heat of evaporation of water at 1 btu/lb with that of organic solvents which is approximately 0.12 btu/lb.
  • Applying vacuum to the treatment chamber reduces the boiling point of solvent and assures completely dry parts every time.

Light Assembly

If you have the plan, then we will provide the manufacturing space and manage the workforce to assemble your product. Once you have the idea, do not let anything hold you back. Crown is your factory for hire. With us you can meet your production demands without raising additional capital. We have the space, we will manage the workforce. You simply tell us what to do with our people, and you will see your opportunity become the profitable reality you deserve. The day to day hassles of managing a workforce can be left to Crown. No matter how many you need or what you need them for, Crown can assemble a crew to produce parts within the time frame you need to have them ready to ship.

Oversize Object Washing

Do you have an old machine or any other large object that just doesn't seem feasible for you to power wash in your facility? Crown has the floor space and the equipment to wash your oversized objects. Whether you need the inside of an entire machine cleaned out, or you have other parts and equipment too large to clean in your facility, Crown is here to help. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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