Daily Preventative Maintenance

Daily Preventative Maintenance

Daily Preventative Maintenance for Your Hurricane Parts Cleaning System

Filter Bags

Filter bags should be checked during each shift and changed when it reaches a differential inlet to outlet pressure of 10 - 15 PSI. Make sure your inventory includes a sufficient number of replacement filter bags.

Regenerative Blower Filters

  • Gauges mounted on the side of the electrical panel indicate blockage. If a restriction of airflow occurs, the yellow indicator light will come on. This light is set on a 5 minute timer (one hour for Ford). After 5 minutes (or if Ford one hour), if the filter is not changed, the red light will turn on and the unit will shut down. These settings have been pre-set by Hurricane and should not be adjusted.
  • Make sure your inventory includes a sufficient number of replacement filters. Do not attempt to wash this filter.
  • Correct Outlet Pressure range is 1 to 20.7 Kpa, while correct inlet vacuum is 0.0 to –0.2 Kpa.

Chemical Titration

Proper chemical titration is critical for proper functioning of the system. Crown offers chemical titration kits for you to keep on hand.

Chip Baskets

Chip baskets must be checked often and cleaned during the course of the shift. Crown recommends you keep a replacement chip basket on hand so you may exchange the one in your washer for a clean one. The dirty one can then be cleaned properly in an acid bath without holding up production or risking exposure to the pump.

Air Blow-Off Headers

A daily check of the blow-off nozzles should be performed to assure the nozzles do not clog. If buildup is detected, a few swipes with a long bristle wire brush should rectify the problem.

Coalescer Float aka Oil Extractor Float

Check float for proper adjustment. Some oils carry on top of the foam created by the cleaning compound. Foam will interfere with the separation of the oil from the water.

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