Parts Washing Chemistry

Parts Washing Chemistry

Crown Industrial's Hurriclean® line of aqueous wash chemistry offers a wide range of applications for your wash process. There are cleaning chemistries designed for specific metals and specific difficult contaminants. There are cleaning chemistries that are designed to be weldable. There are wash chemistries that are designed to be spot free on bright surfaces using high quality water. There are wash chemistries designed for aluminum. There are wash chemistries designed to also provide rust preventative. And there are wash chemistries specifically designed to help prevent galvanic corrosion issues which can occur if you wash more than one metal in the same washer.

Crown Industrial's Rustec® line of aqueous, solvent based, and oil-based Rust Preventatives offer protection levels for "in process" needs on up to more than two years of protection. You may be interested in our Tech Sheet - Should I use a Synthetic or an Oil-based Rust Preventative? What are the Pros and Cons of each?

Crown Industrial's Ultrasolve and Ultrasolve Plus are kept in stock in 5 gallon pails for immediate shipment. GREAT for Cleanliness Testing.

Featuring Hurriclean® AP+

Hurriclean® AP+ is an aqueous based cleaner with rust preventative. Hurriclean® AP+ meets GMW17497 material specification as an approved rust preventative for use with automatic transmission fluid. Hurriclean® AP+ can be used on both ferrous and non-ferrous material parts, and is specially designed to accommodate USA and World grade materials. This product can be used in the wash or rinse tank or in tandem. Depending on the concentration level during application, Hurriclean® AP+ gives a 30-120 day rust preventative protection with normal indoor storage. This product will dry to the touch, which enhances its use in the assembly process.

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