Weekly Preventative Maintenance

Weekly Preventative Maintenance

Weekly Preventative Maintenance For Your Hurricane Parts Cleaning System

Conveyor Belt

  • Proper alignment and transportation of the parts through the washer is critical to the overall operation of the system. For a detailed look at your conveyor system, please refer to the Conveyor and Spray Headers section of your service manual.
  • The conveyor belt should be checked for any signs of damage or excessive wear and should be level in all areas.
  • The drive sprockets should be checked for areas of wear. Uneven wear can be caused by a poorly aligned or loose belt.
  • Drive chain tension may need to be adjusted if chain is causing drive sprocket to wear. When belt is operating with proper tension, you should not be able to lift the belt more than one inch above the roller bed.

Spray Nozzles

  • Nozzle wear is characterized by an increase in flow rate and a general deterioration of the spray pattern. Worn nozzles should be replaced.
  • Use a wire or a sharp blast of air to check for and remove any foreign matter.
  • Visually check for worn nozzles. When your elliptical nozzles become rounded they are worn and need to be replaced.
  • Keep an inventory of your nozzles on hand.

Blow-off Header

The blow-off header and condition of the discharge nozzle should be checked each week. Replace any broken nozzles and check for blockage by using a wire or small screwdriver.

NOTE: Do not forget the bottom header. These are drilled 1/8” holes.

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