Testing Capabilities

Testing Capabilites

Cleanliness Code or CCC

  • AOM Particle Counting & Sizing (Automated Optical Microscope)
      • Under 20µm = minimum of 5 pixels/particle

      • 20µm & over = minimum of 10 pixels/particle

    • AOM optical property sort (ex. metallic, fibers)
  • Gravimetric Cleanliness Testing (Mass based / Weight based)
    • Single membrane or “In Series” multiple cascading membranes

    • Class 100,000 cleanroom extraction area for small-medium size parts

  • Extraction Validation Testing

    • To scientifically establish correct extraction procedure done here

    • Or as a Quality Assurance check for your in-house lab

  • Liquid Sample Particle Count Testing

  • Gauss Testing

    • Residual Magnetism

  • Dyne Testing

  • Titration Curves & Kits

    • Aids for Concentration Control in your alkaline cleaning & RP processes

  • Cleanliness Testing Training, Lab Kits, & Consultation

    • If you are required to do in-house testing – we can help

  • Just a few of the cleanliness specifications we test to:

    ISO 16232; VDA 19, ISO 4406; AAM-2-081; Volvo STD 107-0002;

    BWS 42001; BW TSES-1338; BW TSES-1344; MTU MTN 5253;

    Cummins 16599; Paccar CPP0331, Continental TST N 002 02.20 002;

    ZF 0000 701 604; Bosch Test Specification 0-250-Y050-019; EMD 991;

    many Ford specs including ESHL1P-7W092-AA; JDS-G169;

    JD RES251333; Daimler DBL6516; GMW16037; GMN6752;

    GM 24282840; GM 24282995; Renault 34-07-012 E; Caterpillar 1E2860;

    TDLMN GEN003; TN-GEN003; SLPT ES60011; QNO-04-55;

    TRW S-13834402; LUK S252001-2; GE WGSCM 283;

    Waukesha STD-02-0860; VAM00328;  

    (along with several hundred other OEM cleanliness specifications

    covering automotive, motorcycle, agricultural, mining, forestry,

    construction, locomotive, marine, and aerospace parts.)


Call us today for quotes and information, 517-905-5304, ask for Jared Friedman. We do a lot of ISO 16232 & VDA 19 based testing for a wide array of customers here at the Crown Cleanliness Testing Laboratory in Jackson, Michigan USA. Do not hesitate to contact us when you have a question about cleanliness testing or need cleanliness testing done. We offer Standard Turnaround for scheduled cyclical testing and Expedited Turnaround when you need results ASAP. We also sell Lab kits and can train your personnel to do cleanliness testing if your customer insists you do the testing in-house.

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