Dunnage Cleaning

Dunnage Cleaning

Crown Industrial Services Inc. is a leading dunnage service provider. Washing, repairing, and modifying are some of the helpful services that Crown has to offer in the dunnage department. In addition, Crown can handle any run size and any priority level. Pair that with our trucking services and you can ensure that your dunnage will make it back into your production line on time.

Allow Crown to provide high volume production cleaning of dunnage trays and totes on a daily, "Just In Time" basis. Parts travel through a high pressure spray wash and rinse, then travel through a blow off stage where 6 regenerative blowers strip the rinse water from the trays. The vertically oriented dunnage washer quickly and efficiently strips the dunnage of coolant and chips introduced by the machining process.

Do not put your clean parts in dirty dunnage. Call Crown and control your entire process by shipping your products in professionally cleaned dunnage.

Additional Dunnage Services

  • Dunnage Badging
    • Labeling
    • Kennedy
    • Placard
    • RFID
  • Metal Racks / Plastic Dunnage
    • Modification, Refurbish, Paint & Stencil
  • Pallet Lid Repair
    • Pallet/Lid Retractor & Buckle Repair
  • Thermal Deburr
    • Removal of Plastic Shards & Burrs

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