Monthly Preventative Maintenance

Monthly Preventative Maintenance

Monthly Preventative Maintenance For Your Hurricane Parts Cleaning System

Solution Pump

  • For a detailed review of pump assembly, please refer to the Solution Pump section in your operator’s manual.
  • A pump inlet screen is provided for protection against larger foreign materials entering the impeller volute of the pump. Normal tank maintenance should keep the strainer clean. If pump pressures decrease, it is a sign the screen is clogged and should be inspected.
  • Grease pump with a small amount of motor bearing grease monthly. Do not over grease because this will cause bearings to run hot. Grease fittings can be found on the top edge of the pump motor housing.

Steam Exhaust Fan

  • Grease propeller shaft with 3/10 oz. of high temperature grease (Shell Dolium R#71604 or equivalent).
  • Check belt tension monthly a) Belt should depress its width when pressed firmly inward at the midway point between the pulleys. Too much tension will damage the bearings. Belts should be tight enough to prevent slipping. b) When replacing worn belts, replace both belts with matched pair. Replace the motor pulley if a “shoulder” is worn in the groove.
  • Check blade condition and cleanliness.
  • Clean propeller blades to remove any accumulated dirt, which would cause imbalance. This would have an adverse effect on air flow and would wear bearings.

Conveyor Maintenance

  • Proper lubrication and alignment are essential for consistent belt tracking and long service.
  • Grease conveyor shaft bearings monthly with Dolium R or equivalent bearing grease.
  • Conveyor bed rollers should be checked monthly to insure that they are moving freely.


  • Drive motors in standard belt units are driven by a 90 volt DC motor which is mounted directly to a Boston single reduction gearbox. They require no regular maintenance since the bearings come with lifetime lubrication. If the motor surface runs unusually hot, the conveyor should be checked for obstructions.
  • The gearbox must remain free of oxidation and contamination by water and debris. Only a very thin film of lubrication stands between efficient operation and failure.
  • The speed reducer lubrication needs to be changed only once every 6 months or 1000 hours. To do this properly, the reducer should be drained while warm and refilled to the proper level with the recommended gear oil (ISO Viscosity Grade 320/460).

Regenerative Blowers

Regenerative blower motors have factory pre-lubricated bearings. Under normal operating conditions no lubrication is required. For more detailed information regarding the regenerative blower please see the section on Regenerative Blowers in your operator’s manual.

Water Make-Up Valves

  • Clean in-line strainer monthly.
  • Test operation of valve by manually turning the water on and pushing down on the ball rod. The water should flow freely.

Gas Heat System

Your gas heat system is made up of many different component parts. Under normal conditions regulator adjustment is not recommended. For detailed information on each component and its function, please refer to the Gas Heat System section in your operators manual.

Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges do not require any maintenance. However, they should be checked every month. This can be accomplished by removing all filter bags and running the pumps for a short period of time. While doing this the pressure reading should remain constant for each monthly check.

Coalescer aka Oil Extractor

Flush media pack with clean, hot water each month. Check float head and hoses for cleanliness. Remove any buildup. (Extractor models). Drain and flush tanks.

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