Cleanliness Testing

Crown Cleanliness Testing Laboratory

Crown Industrial Services, Inc. is a stalwart in automotive cleanliness spec technology. ISO 16232 driven and compliant. Our lab has tested products, parts and fluids to over 300 cleanliness specifications, spanning 6 different industries, for customers who traverse the globe.

The Crown Cleanliness Testing Laboratory boasts a Class 100,000 HEPA-filtered clean room for gravimetric testing, advanced Leica and Zeiss microscopes with state of the art Filtrex software enabling automated X & Y-axis sizing - along with ability for manual Z-axis sizing, plus identification of metallic and non-metallic particles/fibers down as small as 2.5 micron, which is less than half the size of a human red blood cell, and half the the minimum 5 micron size required by ISO 16232 size class B. At Crown, we don't have a one size fits all standardized report, we tailor our reports for validation and evaluation to your specific needs and requirements.

Our staff has years of technical expertise in clean process design, cleanliness specification validation, evaluation and lab testing.

The Crown lab team is always on the ready to help our customers achieve repeatable, quantifiable and accurate test results. Call us today for quotes and information, 517-905-5304, ask for Jared Friedman

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