Testing Capabilities – Lab Scope

Automated Particle Counting & Sizing

ISO 16232; ISO 4406; Volvo STD 107-0002; BW 42001; BW TSES-1344;
MTU MTN 5253; Cummins 16599; Paccar CPP0331, ZF 0000 701 604;
Bosch Test Specification 0-250-Y050-019; Ford ESHL1P-7W092-AA;
ESJ1KP-7W092-AA; ESJM5P-7W092-AA
(and many other similar standards)

  • 2 - Filtrex 64-bit Premium Compound Microscope Systems
    • Ability to sort particles based on optical properties
    • Accurate on particles as small as 2.5 micron
      (2.5 micron is less than half the "diameter" of a human red blood cell)
    • Professionally calibrated annually

Gravimetric Cleanliness Testing

  • Per ISO 16232; JDS-G169; Daimler DBL6516; GMN6752;
  • Various Ford specs; WI-0119; and many other customer provided specifications
    • Extraction done in Class 100,000 HEPA-filtered cleanroom
    • Single patch or “In Series” Multiple patch
      • Pressure Rinse extraction
      • Agitation Extraction
      • Ultrasonic Extraction
      • Functional Test Bed

Microscopic Photography

  • Extended Focus photography capability – sometimes called “Z-stack”
  • Compound Microscopes for very small particles
  • StereoZoom Microscope for larger particles


  • Per WI-0159; or according to supplier provided instructions.
  • Our Lab can make a titration curve for your cleaning chemistry and supply you with an easy to use titration kit.

Liquid Particle Count Testing

  • Is done according to ISO 16232 or other similar standards
  • Rather than count the particles suspended in the liquid, the particles are counted on a filter membrane which allows multi-dimensional measurements and photos of the largest particles

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